“Over 40 years of legal experience in government financed developments”
            Experience, Honesty, and Integrity are the attributes which we strive to provide our clients.

Experience. The experience Howard David Lowrance (David Lowrance) acquired from representing the U. S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) as counsel in multifamily developments has been instrumental in assisting our clients involved in HUD multi-family developments. Further, we have acquired additional experience with more than 40 years of private practice in real estate law, business law, Federal and State governmental law. In our specialty area of practice David Lowrance has earned an AV® Peer Review Rating, "the highest level of professional excellence" for over 25 years. Also, David Lowrance’s experience as CEO and General Counsel of several international computer software companies has given him experience on formation, structuring, and operating business enterprises. Our closeness to software development continues to help us to develop and use software to give our clients better service.
Honesty. We believe in the moral responsibility to exhibit honesty, personally and professionally, to our clients. Honesty is essential in an attorney client relationship. Unless the client and the attorney trust each other by being honest, the attorney’s representation is hindered. 
Integrity. Webster dictionary defines integrity as an uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles. We are committed to personal and ethical professional integrity. We believe the client should require the anchor of integrity in their relationship. 
Truth. Just as laws can be found from published enactments, we believe the meaning of integrity can be found in the understanding of truth. Please review the Truth Project for an understanding of Truth.  
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